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Every household depends on a reliable source of clean water for drinking, cooking, and washing. In the summertime, water use can spike due to extra usages such as lawn watering and your kids playing in the sprinkler. This extra water use can introduce small amounts of waste each day. Even though each instance of water waste might be small and seemingly inconsequential, before long those instances add up. Homeowners can save water during summer with these four helpful tips:

1. Fix Leaking Faucets

Are you kept up at night by a slow intermittent drip? If so, you have a leak somewhere that needs some attention. A leaking faucet can drain several gallons of water each day–way more than you might expect.

Many faucets can be fixed by replacing the rubber O-ring inside the handle. This can be accomplished with basic household tools. If you still have a leak after making this repair, then you may need to call a professional plumber; the leak may be occurring at a different point inside the plumbing system and more detailed repairs could be required. Worried about cost? Over time, the amount of money on your water bill will more than cover the cost of the plumber visit.

2. Water at the Right Time of Day

Watering during the heat of the afternoon is inefficient since you’ll lose much of the moisture to evaporation. Your lawn simply does not receive the full benefit of the water you spray. Instead, time your watering to occur in the early morning hours or evenings. The sun’s heat is less intense at these times of the day so the soil retains moisture and nourishes your lawn.

3. Be Careful Not to Overwater

Lawns get greener if they are watered more frequently, right? Actually, this isn’t true. Grass will only get as green as its variety allows it to; more water will not change this. Many homeowners water their lawn to great excess, thinking that extra water will turn the grass a bright, lush green color. In reality, all this water is being wasted and will only increase your monthly utility bill.

Overwatering can prevent plants, including grass, from cycling through natural growth stages. Periods of little or no water gives the plant an opportunity to repair damage and grow. Instead of watering plants five times a week, consider watering two or three. Your lawn will thank you as you save water during summer.

4. Switch to a Water-Efficient Shower Head

Many newer shower heads are designed to use water more effectively, decreasing the amount of water passing through them while maximizing the area they cover. Replacing a shower head requires no special skills; just follow the instructions on the package.

Generally speaking, showers require much less water than baths. This makes showers a great water-wise summer choice. Encourage your whole family to take showers this year to save water during summer and you will see the difference on your water bill.

Be Smart and Save Water During Summer

Saving water is important for everyone. Make the choice to save water by following our tips above, especially during the summer when drought is common.

Equally important as conserving water is making sure that your water is clean and safe to drink. Highland Home Inspections offers water testing as well as other home inspection services so that you can learn all you need to about the home you own or may purchase. Contact us to schedule an appointment.